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In addition to a full range of loans for purchasing, constructing, and cash-out refinancing, we have an innovative developer referral program that uses ConfiCasa's broker referral network in the U.S. This program delivers ready, willing, able, and loan-approved buyers. And this is without charge. While most of the purchasers of development properties have paid cash for their villas and condos, not all of them want to pay cash.  We serve that kind of client in a professional and discreet manner. Those who already purchased property may want to tap their equity to use for other investments. We can also assist them. ConfiCasa has closed loans in most of the resort areas of Mexico.

Through our unique broker network in the United States, we offer exposure of your project to American buyers with the means to buy luxury real estate in Mexico, in general, and your development in particular.
American mortgage brokers enjoy a special relationship and role in the financial life of their clients. Many brokers have served their clients from the time they purchased their first home-and Americans are accustomed to purchasing and selling many homes in their adult life. So the first place American buyers of luxury Mexican real estate will turn is likely to be their personal mortgage broker. There are over 2000 American brokers under contract with Conficasa. These brokers will not only be able to help them finance their dream home in Paradise through ConfiCasa, but they will also be able to show them your project through the ConfiCasa office in your area.

We ask that you provide us the sales materials, including floor plans, amenities, and prices. Our staff will upload your information into attractive and easy-to-view Internet brochures. The broker in the United States will arrange all financing. Once the client has identified an area and a development, the broker will contact one of our resort offices.

One of our staff at the resort office will meet the prospective buyer at the airport or hotel and personally escort them to your project. Our staff can stay with them and advise them on the purchase or they can turn them over to your sales staff. The prospective buyer will be given a warm and comforting welcome by our staff. Your development is special and we will ensure that the potential buyer feels just as special.

ConfiCasa is also working with a frequently visited and informative Internet site about living in Mexico. We are now developing a virtual developer Multiple Listing Service, where prospective buyers can visit all the participating developments in Mexico. Potential buyers choose the area and the development they want to visit at practically no expense and inconvenience.

We know that real estate buyers who search the Internet are more highly educated and are in the high end of the income spectrum, have good credit, and are able to make purchasing decisions quickly. While our developer's contract is non-exclusive, it is created to serve you with marketing and sales assistance. Can we welcome you into our network of developers and brokers?